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In memory of Carl & Ralph

This is a hard one to write.

Both Carl and Ralph’s health has been declining over the last few months.

Last week Carl had 3 seizures. Previously when Carl has had a seizure he’s recovered in a few days. This time was different. While we could manage his discomfort, he stopped eating and drinking and after a week there was no real improvement.

Ralph’s health has also declined quickly this year, a number of age related illnesses and arthritis have been really challenging to manage and keep him comfy.

When an animal in our care no longer has quality of life, there are no further treatment options and their happiness is compromised, it’s time to let them go.

Carl and Ralph were born only months apart, at 16 years of age they spent their entire lives together. So much of their quality of life was tied to being with each other. Brothers and best friends.

So we made the incredibly hard decision to let them go together.

Last week they made their final journey, the same way they lived their lives, side by side. We know that’s how they would have wanted it.

Our beautiful elderly gentlemen passed away peacefully, surrounded by love.

Thank you for loving them.

Thank you for helping to give Carl and Ralph a life worth living .

Forever in our hearts.

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1 Comment

Janet Wickens
Janet Wickens
Apr 01, 2023

At least Carl & Ralph lived to reach old age & got to live with you for a time. They would have known they were loved.

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