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Elton was surrendered to us directly from the racing industry. He is only 5 years old – two days after he finished his last race he was going to be sent to the slaughterhouse (he was no longer viewed as profitable and could not be sold as a ridden horse due to behavioral issues). We had a small window of time to decide whether we could take him on, knowing that re-homing him was unlikely, but we knew that he deserved a chance to live out his life. Elton did not deserve to be sent to slaughter because he developed behavioral issues in response to the trauma he suffered. Elton is a big goofball with heaps of attitude. He is very social with the other horses and has elected himself second in-charge in the horse herd – he follows Ludo around (the leader) and he bosses the other horses around. Elton loves his food and loves his ladies – he chooses a new girlfriend every week! We cant wait to see Elton thrive here at Happily Heifer After for many years to come. 

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