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'Say Yes' to our Goal of $50,000


Time remaining to 'Say Yes'

We need your help to raise $50,000 to cover our vet bills for 2023, so we can ‘say yes’ to saving more surrendered, injured, unwell and unwanted animals during this time of cost of living and housing crisis.

The increased cost of living and housing scarcity has created a crisis. There is a silent victim of this crisis – animals.

We have seen a 60% rise in surrender requests in January alone, as people can no longer afford to care for their animals, or they no longer have appropriate housing.

The cost of living and housing crisis is having a huge impact

We are in the same boat as everyone else, facing the impact of the crisis and managing the same economic challenges – rising vet bill, skyrocketing cost of animal feed, and the reality of a steady decline in sanctuary sponsorship.

To ensure our financial stability we made the difficult decision to close our gates to new surrenders.

Saying no is breaking our hearts

We can’t stand by while animals suffer. We know you can’t either.

After many sleepless nights and much discussion. We have a plan, and we need your help

We need to continue to look after the animals in our care and continue to save lives  

To do that, we need the financial certainty that our current operations are funded. 

$50,000 will cover our medical and specialised feed bills for 2023 and give us the financial security to say ‘yes’ to the animals who desperately need our help.

As a community we can do this. We’ve pulled off miracles in the past, let’s do it again.

We’re asking our incredible community for help to save lives by spreading the word about the campaign and financially donating where you can – every bit helps. 

Help us ‘Say Yes
to more animals in need

Help us spread the word on Facebook

How your donation will be used

Raising $50,000 will cover the $4,000 we spend each month on veterinary services, rehabilitation costs, specialist medical bills, specialised feeds and supplements.  

You know your donation is in safe hands and every dollar accounted for. 

You also know that Happily Heifer After is one of Australia’s legitimate animal rescue sanctuaries, supported by dedicated and experienced professionals providing advice on strategy, good governance, and finance. 

Check in each day on Instagram and Facebook to see how we are going, and get your daily dose of animal love. 


Thank you for saying yes.

Seymour Photo.JPG


Surrendered into our care with life threatening illness, click to read how saying yes saved Seymour.



Our fully blind donkey Sam, has the biggest heart, the kindest nature and the most interesting back-story.



Against all odds Frida, our fighter survived a death sentence, click here to be inspired by her will to live. 



Lola was born on a meat farm, the only thing that saved her from being killed was the death of her mother. Read her story here.

Read more about some of the animals we were able to say yes to.

Every donation makes a difference

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