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Dorris was our first sheep at Happily Heifer After. She was surrendered to us from a sheep farm, where she spent the first 7 years of her life. She was repeatedly bred, to supply the demand of the lamb meat industry. She had countless babies taken away from her, to be slaughtered for someones meal. Her last pregnancy was to an enormous ram, when she was already older and not in good health due to the drought, and little supplement feed. She gave birth to her last son, nursed him to health but after a few months her body gave up. She gave everything she had to her baby, and her body couldn't continue to run on fumes. Upon surrender, we were confronted with a skeleton of a sheep who could barely stand up. We immediately took her to the vet, but the vet said she was too far gone. We refused to take that as an answer  and knew we needed to try everything we possibly could for Dorris. After weeks of restorative care, Dorris started to thrive. Our vets could not believe the miraculous recovery, which just goes to show what a lot of love and kindness can achieve. Dorris, you are home.  You will never be thought of as an object again, only cherished for the beautiful and cheeky woman you are !

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