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Blue was our first permanent resident steer, Michelle and a close friend of ours underwent a rescue on Michelle's Birthday in March 2019. They visited a dairy farm that was closing down and rescued 40 calves, who would otherwise have been sent to slaughter.

In the weeks following the rescue 39 of the calves managed to find their forever homes. However Blue was special. He was over 4 months old and had never had much positive interaction with people, causing him to be scared, distrustful and very nervous around anyone who tried to get close to him.

During the rescue Blue and his mother were standing on two sides of the same fence calling to each other. His mother was beautiful and looked like a much larger version of him. Michelle made a silent promise to her as she left that day. We would ensure her child would be cared for and will never know unnecessary pain again. Michelle knew that she owed it to Blues mother to ensure his life was one that she would be proud of. Over the following months Blue slowly began to trust us (with the help of lots of food) and eventually became Michelle's right hand steer, always being there to comfort and support our rescue calves during their first few days with us.

Blue is an absolute sweet heart, we are so happy we have been able fulfill the promise we made to him and his mother, and give him the sanctuary he deserves.

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